Friday, July 6, 2012

The Red, White and Blue

Happy Fourth of July!

To make this design follow these simple tips:
What you will need:

White base coat
Konad red special polish
Konad blue special polish
Konad Image Plate M45
Top Coat

Start with a white base coat and do it as many times to get the desired color let dry between coats. After the white has completely dried take the red special polish and place a small amount on one side of the design, and the blue on the other side. Take the scrapper and scrap the excess polish off. The colors might run together its okay it adds personality :) Place design on your nail. Once the polish has had a few minutes to dry take your clear coat making sure to use a generous amount (drop) to make sure the polish color wont smear as you go over it. Let dry and Vuala! You have fun Fourth of July nails that everyone will be commenting on.