Nail Art ~ Konad

In the 2010, I became a Certified Nail Tech.

I specialize in pedicures, manicures, Shellac polish, and Parrafin Wax treatments. You can receive a manicure or pedicure with or without cool designs using the Konad stamp on nails designs.

KONAD Stamping Nail Art kit can achieve delicate details never before achieve by hand painting. I can create perfect, professional nail designs at a fraction of the time and money.
It's neat and easy !!!

You can put designs not only on you nails but on mobile phone, earrings, pendant, bracelet, gift box, watches, calculators, clocks, sunglasses or any surface of your choice.

When I was in high school I got a Konad Stamp On Nails kit as a gift and absolutely love it!

How to

Tips for using Konad

•Get all your supplies set up in advance
•Clean your konad image plate and stamper before you begin
•When scraping the image plate with the scraper make sure you push down firmly and make one clean swipe across the image
•Move quickly
•You don't need to use the special konad polish

The first design idea is use color. Experiment with the color you are going to use for your design. Have your design color clash or pop out from your base color. For an example if your base color is red use yellow for your design. It will really pop out.

Try using 2 colors with one image. For example if you are using a image for your design that is a flower with a stem, use red for the flower and green for the stem.

Use the same image multiple times

If your are using a small image for your design try using it multiple times on the same nail. Repeat stamping the same image will give you a completly different look. Example, If you are using a leopard design, stamp it several times in different areas on your nail. The effect is great.

Use multiple images in different colors to layer your images. For example have a white base coat, do an all over design in red then use a heart design in black. Layer will give you a great effect for your nails

Most importantly have fun and experiment.